Spirited Away - hand cut paper

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Studio Ghibli Spirited Away Haku and Chihiro silhouette handcut paper craft from one black sheet

SIZE: 14"x20"

(I receive a lot of requests to add things to my pieces for personalization - please understand it's something I dislike doing because it isn't merchandise, and it takes away from my intended illustration, design and composition of the artwork. I will no longer take these requests. I do take custom commission requests, but not personalizations of my current artwork. Thank you for understanding.)


***FRAMED (ready to hang) - The paper cut comes already secured in-between two 14"x20" acrylic panels. These are custom made and creates a frameless, unique, beautiful, classy and contemporary look. (see the listing pictures)

***UNFRAMED - the papercut ONLY - will come in flat, stiff no-bend mailer between two foam boards. Dimensions of actual cut is 17"x11.75" I would suggest, for best display, to use a float frame, however you can frame it as you would like.



**SHIPPING NOTE - I can not change the shipping price for this listing when picking "unframed" because Etsy only allows one type of shipping on a listing. So I have adjusted the price of the "unframed" piece instead to make up for the lesser cost in shipping.

**Items are made to order. - Please allow 30 days for hand crafting and shipping (duration can be shorter or longer depending on how many orders are before yours and the complexity of the piece) thanks for understanding.

Because all my paper crafts are hand cut and constructed, there could be slight variances from what is shown in the picture.

Thanks so much for the support & for supporting the independent arts!!